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Thanks for the Better Questions email this morning! Really has me in an analytical headspace...shifting my outlook on my entire system of behaviour.

Zack C.

I genuinely feel as though I’ve made a discovery that will radically alter the course of my life from here on out and I just wanted you to know that you helped make that happen.

Alice D.

This one struck a chord...I wish someone had sat me down and asked me this question.

London C.

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What If Your Limitations... 

Were All In Your Head?

I do enjoy these very much. They provoke thought without being pretentiously 'overthink.

Jim P.

The list is great. I was skeptical at first, as I have been on similar lists in the past, but I figured yours would be different. And it is, but not necessarily in the ways I expected. All of this is good.

Roy C.

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