What If Your Limitations...
Were All In Your Head?

I asked REAL subscribers what they'd say to someone thinking of signing up. Here's what they said:

"Better Questions has caused me to think more deeply about my life overall. There's something of value dropping right into your inbox every week."

Pete Sheppard

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Paul Jenkinson

"Don't wait!  In a sea of email it's one I watch for every week, and never fail to read."

Cristina Miller

"[Better Questions] has been my main source of wisdom and inspiration to learn more about life and meet my recent goals (running a marathon, finishing university, starting graduate job). That is has give me multiple new perspectives to life and an appreciation of the need for pause."

"Whether the week's topic is one of game-theory, or one of how to deal with emotional turbulence, it is always an insightful read."

Alex Perras

"I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants something fresh, thought provoking, and uniquely human in their inbox every week."

Paul Jenkinson

"If you're looking for a weekly, easy and friendly written piece of knowledge, Better Questions is your answer. I feel like I'm reading a text from a friend, and it's really really nice. "


"Dan’s weekly emails have weirdly dovetailed with and enhanced so many other things I’ve been thinking, reading, and writing about. It’s nice to get these quick, thoughtful pieces addressing how one guy out there is struggling to improve their own life, and how you might incorporate what he’s doing  into your own."


"[Better Questions is] always thought provoking, expanding my thin, provided additional resources and allowed me focus on my core priorities. Thanks! "


"Better Questions is an easy-to-understand guide to structuring thoughts more organized and systematically (in a healthy way) while also giving you new ways to think about what you may or may not already know."


"If you want to get your mind out of the everyday grind and teach your brain to think better, give Better Questions”a go."


"A motivating, easy to read and thought-provoking meditation on the negative patterns of thinking and self-inflicted mental traps we so often find ourselves falling into, delivered to your inbox once a week. Brought to you by a guy who has been through the worst and come out all the more insightful for it."

Sophie Askew